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Eco-friendly cleaning solutions


The world’s most
sustainable commercial hand soap

SOAP₂O soluble soap sachets are a powerful soluble soap solution formulated to clean and moisturize your hands. Fragrances with beautiful natural pomegranate scents and sealed in 100% recyclable packaging. We offer our soluble sachets in packs of 12 or 18 depending on whether you would like 1L or 350ml.

How to Use Soap₂o Biodegradable Soap Sachets.

The products are easy to use, as demonstrated in the 4-step process:

  • Fill the 4L bottle4life with water
  • Add 4 sachets to the bottle4life
  • Shake the bottle4life and leave to stand for 10 minutes so that the sachets fully dissolve
  • Shake the bottle again before use and the soap is ready to use

The Soap2o water-soluble sachets have been designed so that they can be easily dropped into the bottle4life and the user has no direct contact with the chemical concentrate, reducing the risk of accidents or injuries. As water is only added when the sachets are requires, manual handling risks are dramatically reduced and the weight is cut by 90%.

The dosing is always correct which means that the active ingredients in the sachets will work at the optimum level and costs can be completely controlled and monitored.

Making waves in saving the planet 

Zero water transportation

Natural resources are precious, and we seek to always minimise our use of them in the design and manufacture of our products. With Soap₂o systems, zero water is transported, thus the volume and weight of products in transit is low. That might seem to be a small benefit, but you would be amazed at just how much this reduces emissions through fewer transport miles and greater capacity within transport vehicles.

A whole pallet of 5 litre liquid concentrate can be replaced with 4 packets of our product. All these 5 litre containers go to waste.

  • Just add water… don’t transport it
  • Zero waste
  • Ethical accreditation
  • Global standards
  • Add water at point of use